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watermark photos in batch mode. v5.0.9 for windows


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Photography Watermark Maker

A simple and fast solution to protect your images from being stolen or unauthorizedly used is to add a watermark. A great tool to add watermarks to your photos is the smart, handy and powerful Mytoolsoft Watermark Software. It is simple and efficient and does its job very well.

Mytoolsoft Watermark Software is an easy to use, smart and very useful piece of software that helps you easily and quickly protect your photos in the simplest way possible: by adding a watermark. With the help of this amazing piece of software you are able to add a watermark not only to one single photo, but to multiple image files at the same time. Mytoolsoft Watermark Software also supports almost all kind of image formats, including the popular ones like: Jpeg, Gif, Jpg, Tif, Bmp.

Whenever you want to add a watermark, this piece of software will give you two possibilities: first - it lets you add a text and customize it as you want (change the font, color, angle, size) and the second - it lets you add a logo image. For both methods Mytoolsoft Watermark Software lets you change the position and the transparency of your watermark.

Mytoolsoft Watermark Software comes with an intuitive interface that looks like a wizard one, so if you use it for the first time you should face no problem. You will get used to it in a very sort time.

Moreover, besides its main watermark adding feature, this piece of software can be used as well as an image format converter. Just uncheck the watermark, select the output destination and the format and the conversion will be quickly done.

To sum it all up, Mytoolsoft Watermark Software is a smart and powerful piece of software that helps you protect your images with a watermark.