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watermark photos in batch mode. v5.0.9 for windows


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Watermark App for Photos

Watermarks are a great way to ensure that your images aren't appropriated by some jerk on the Internet who wants to claim your brilliant work as his or her own. Mytoolsoft Watermark Software is an easy-to-use program that can not only apply custom watermarks but also perform other basic editing tasks, such as resizing and converting images to other formats. We think it's a great choice if you're looking for a simple way to affix your mark permanently to your images.

The program has a sleek and intuitive wizard-style interface. Users first select the images they want to work with, either individually or in entire folders. Next, select your watermark. If you already have an image that you use for watermarks, you can select it and apply it to any location on your images, or you can create a watermark with custom text and images within the program. Mytoolsoft Watermark Software has options for adjusting font, size, color, opacity, and more. In step three, choose your output settings, including the format you want the images saved in, the destination folder, and dimensions for resizing if desired. Then just click a button and wait a moment while Mytoolsoft Watermark Software does its thing. There's no Help file, but we didn't find this to be a problem; the program's interface walks users through each step of the process. Overall, we think that Mytoolsoft Watermark Software is a quick and easy way to watermark your images, and we recommend it.